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What Do You Mean Synthetic Vape Juice?

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You won’t be surprised if we tell you that one out of every five-person smokes. Some are beginners, while some are passive smokers who have lost the hope to get away with this dangerous obsession. On the other hand, some seek medication and therapies to get rid of their smoking habits. The presence of high nicotine content in traditional cigarettes is the primary cause of the degraded health of individuals. But, amidst this, one way to minimize the risk of getting your lungs affected is vaping. Vaping is a helpful and efficient way to eliminate the chance of various harmful diseases entering your body. The e-liquids in the vapes have a minimal unfavorable effect on the individual’s body. But, a more safe option is synthetic vape juice. What is this vape juice? Is it safer than other alternatives? Are there any side effects? As soon as someone mentions this product, various questions emerge in a person’s mind.

But, to have a clear picture of synthetic vape juice, you have to wait for a while. By the time you finish reading the article, you will have a decent knowledge of it. So, let’s start with it!

All about Vaping and Vape Juices

Vaping involves smoking with the help of e-liquids that are protected to use. With around 99% pure CBD isolate, it becomes the best alternative to satisfy your hemp-related needs. The best part with vaping is that, unlike traditional cigarettes that accompany unhealthy vapors and bad smells. It does not leave behind any residue. Thus, it keeps your surroundings and your loved ones clean and safe. Further, you get to choose your preferred flavor and mix it with your e-liquid to get a better “hit” that lasts for a substantial period. Brands like CBDFx ( ) soffer you a range of flavors like spearmint gum, blue raspberry, strawberry kiwi, terpene juice, pineapple express, etc.

But, if we tell you there is another safe option with the e-liquid involved in vaping? Cigarettes come with high nicotine content responsible for your addiction. Further, you also get addicted to other unwanted alkaloids like carcinogens, carbon monoxide, etc., that burn you from inside. But, by landing on e-liquids, you get rid of tar and carbon monoxide and relieve your body a little. The nicotine in these ordinary vape juices is “freebase” nicotine that enhances your smoking experience and keeps your body innocuous. It also gives you the option of choosing the nicotine percentage, thus, giving you the autonomy to choose as per your convenience.

Another member of this family that recently got attention is synthetic vape juices. It comes under the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) but has the lowest risk of hampering your body. In the next section of the article, we will let you know about these vape juices in their entirety.

Synthetic Vape Juice- Compositions, Uses, and Benefits

Synthetic Vape Juice is nothing but a safer way of smoking that involves “nicotine-free” e-liquid in them. Now, how is it possible? It is simple. Scientists manufacture synthetic nicotine by eliminating nicotine from tobacco as per the TPD rules and guidelines. It is tasteless and odorless but is devoid of any impurities. You do not have to worry about the taste, as you can use your preferred flavor by adding some e-cartridges to your synthetic vape juice. Further, the presence of vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol helps in enhancing your experience by providing you an instant hit.

When we talk about its composition, we see that there is not much deviation from the ordinary vape juice. However, few chemicals such as ethanol, niacin, etc., form part of the synthetically produced nicotine used in these vape juices. Further, the exciting fact is that the price is also comparatively lower than cigarettes. Also, when we talk about its legality, we must make it clear that synthetic vape juices are legal and approved by FDA. After due scrutiny and quality check, these vape juices are fit to use without any restrictions.

There are numerous benefits of synthetic vape juices. First and foremost, it is safe to use. After all, who does not want to take pleasure in smoking without facing side effects? You can do so if you use these vape juices that come with almost zero nicotine content. Next, when it comes to enhancing your taste, you have the freedom to choose your preferred flavoring. As per your mood, you can select the desired e-liquid and upgrade your smoking experience. The outcomes are long-lasting. When we talk about traditional cigarettes, you need to take a higher dose to get the desired result. But, no such difficulties are there with synthetic vape juice. You will experience a prolonged hit with an instant stroke of the e-juices. Further, the fact that you get a sense of calmness throughout the day with vaping in the morning makes it the most desirable product.

We are sure that you must be willing to buy these synthetic vape juices to improve your smoking experience. Moreover, do not let your body be affected adversely. But there are a few things that should be on your priority list.

  • Before purchasing vape juices, make sure to check the content and see if any filler is there or not. If there are fillers, we suggest not buying that particular brand.
  • Next, see the lab results. When the brand has third-party lab results, we do not recommend buying that synthetic vape juice, otherwise not.
  • Another thing to consider is to check whether there is any Vitamin E acetate or not. These vitamins seriously hamper your lungs and cause severe damage to them. Thus, it would be best to cross-check so that you remain free of any impurities entering your body.

If the products fulfill all the conditions, it is a great sign to go with synthetic vape juice and change your traditional habits.


Research reveals that around 15% of individuals die out of lung diseases originating from smoking. Traditional cigarettes are not ideal for your health, and their impact is so strong that you do not have any option but to try them again. Due to this very reason, individuals find ways to get rid of their addiction and live a peaceful life. Though there are medications and therapies available, no one is sure whether they will yield positive results or not. But, if you use these synthetic vape juices, we assure you that you will get rid of your habits instantly. It helps to relieve you from the trap of smoking and is a much safer option. Thus, if you want to live a healthy life devoid of any smoking habits, it is the right time that you start using synthetic vape juices.

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